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co2 laser tube power supply


  DY2 (C2,C4)  295mm×175mm× 105mm

  DY6 (C6)     330mm× 220mm×105mm

  DY8 (C8)     430mm× 230mm×105mm


1, good compatibility: can adapt to a variety of manufacturer 80 w, 100 w ,130 w and 150w laser tube;

2, cutting type and carving type optional: cutting type power stability is good, the adaptability is strong; Carving type fast response, carving effect is good;

3, significantly extend the service life of laser;

4, simple control, can choose high or low level control: using TTL level can control the laser rev., stop, and at the same time and have protection switch, detection external whether water, ventilation, etc.;

5, laser power control simple: either use 0 ~ 5 v analog signal to control the size of the laser power, and can be used PWM signal control;

6, power itself has open circuit protection function: in protective earthing good circumstances, power can be short time work in open state, this can be avoided because laser tube burst damage caused by laser power, so as to improve the service life of the power;

7, power itself can with feedback interface: can be used in closed loop control, also can be used to test laser actual working current;

8, power supply new field quick judgment is laser tube or laser power damage function;

9, application fields: acrylic engraving, cutting, Cloth engraving, cutting, Double color plate engraving, cutting, Rubber sheet of engraving, cutting, etc.



Input voltage

AC220V or AC110V (order should be special explanation)

Ac frequency


Cold surge current

A (≦ 60 AC220V input)

≦ 30 a (AC110V input)

Leakage current


≦0.4 mA(AC110V≦ 30 a (AC110V input)


Maximum output voltage

DY2:40KV DY6:45KV DY8:58KV

Maximum output current

DC 30mA,35mA,38mA


≧ 90% (full load)

Mean time to failure


Response speed

≦ 1 ms (from switch signal is given to the output current rise to set the current 90% of the time)

Control interface

TTL level switch control, effective level can be high and low choice (see control terminal instructions)


Input - output and input - casing: AC1500V 10 ma 60 ms; Output negative and chassis connected


But a short time open circuit (request power shell good ground, and at the same time avoid positive and casing between pull arc)

Use environment

Working temperature: - 10 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity: ≦ 90%

Cooling form

Forced air cooling

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